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XT-YAD-1900MM wide slitting machine

XT-YAD-1900MM wide slitting machine
Product Details

1. Automatic tracking and error correction equipment.
2. Powder tension control.
3. Automatic metering and waste air blowing design.

Raw material width: 1900mm

Diameter of raw material: Φ 1400mm

Winding diameter: Φ 1100mm (depending on material, thickness and strip width)
Mechanical speed: 250m / min (based on material, thickness, product quality requirements and operator proficiency)
Inner diameter of winding core: 3 inches (76mm)
Inner diameter of winding pipe core: 3 inches (76mm)
Width of finished strip: 100-1900mm (depending on material, thickness and winding diameter)
Tension range: constant tension control, automatic adjustment.

Total power of equipment: About 16kw

Main Processing Materials

Slitting materials: paper, composite materials, etc

Range Of Application